Sunrise   7 comments



I have sat in the light of a yellow moon with the sandman

And my heart has been touched by the flames.

In the early light of dawn when I arose

I saw my faceless fate clothed in the sun.

When I look at you,  the sunrise in your smile lights my day


There was a love story tied with ribbons

But there are still wishes I can’t answer

Only the heart, touched by the fire

And the deep eternal love still burning there

And never such words as these came from my imperfect hands

But from the soul of my being.





7 responses to “Sunrise

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  1. So beautiful ! I dedicate you the song of Norma Jones ” Sunrise Sunrise ! ”

  2. It’s so lovely.

  3. I loved it Paul. Sweet dreams my dear and precious friend. XO Sheri

  4. Beautiful

  5. just beautiful~

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