All Hallows Eve




Witches brew and goblin’s goo

The visage of a troll

Ghosts and spirits haunt the night

For candy from your bowl.


All the superheroes, and a princess from afar

Join with all the monster creatures

To gather at your doorstep

For some candy from your jar


It’s not for the faint hearted

To be wandering along the streets

Best to get back where you started

If you’d safe enjoy your treats.



For out there in the misty dark

Lurks in shadows and the leaves

Witches, ghosts, and monsters

On this All Hallows Eve….








May the sun never set on the dreams of your heart

2 thoughts on “All Hallows Eve

  1. You have been writing! Why am I not getting these?! I guess I have to try to unfollow and follow! CRAZY!
    Loved this!!! You really are a good little writer you do know that Mr. Paul??

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