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Tonight, on the occasion of other events in my younger times, I sit alone with memories.  These memories are not described here in detail, only reflections of the inner feelings and emotions that they evoke.  Its an experiment of trying to put to the page, the progression of thoughts and emotions of the memories that were made

Somewhere, lost in the memories stays a certain part of me that will not move on.  It was part of me when I was most alive, larger than life, invincible, indestructible.  This time, these memories, this part of me haunts my dreams, invades my thoughts, pervades my very soul.  This is the heaviest burden I’ve ever borne, and the lightest, the happiest, yet the most mourned.  This part of me revels in the joyfullness of it, and writhes in the pain and incredible loss it includes.  Run from it, I would, if I could.  Lay down its burden, I would, if I could…, but in doing so there would still be that immeasurable, unfillable emptiness.  So, as I go on through the days, I carry it, willfully, with its joys and sorrows as, without it, I would be less than whole. 

I am in another place tonight, away from this world’s cares and woes.  It gives me refuge and peace, and reminds me of the importance of love.

I can’t stay here, for in this place I am always reminded by its resident angel…


The woods are lovely, dark and deep.  
But I have promises to keep,  
And miles to go before I sleep,  
And miles to go before I sleep.
  (Robert Frost)


This wish I have for any and all who read any of my writings:

Sunshine on your face each day

The wind at your back in a storm

Peace in your sleep and dreams

And love in your heart each morn.





6 responses to “Lost in the Memories

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  1. Oh my Paul!!! This is one of your finest! Right up my alley… as you well know having known me and read my ramblings for a while now. Where are all the freaking LIKES????!!! This should have a hundred!
    I really don’t think that we are being notified regularly. Obviously some people are… since they are reading it… But I promise… when I click on you… it says I am following… but I never got this! ;(
    Great job on this one! My favorite! 😉

  2. I’ve known sorrow that would bring me to my knees, but I would not trade a tear for the memories much sweeter that are missing. Let me cry a million tears, but let not my memory turn to dust for there, my life worth living. Ever love, Me

  3. Beautiful as always Paul….
    I could feel as you remember….
    sometimes I think I remember the same just different words to hold
    Take Care…You Matter

    LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words
  4. The pain of loss, the emptiness it leaves in our heart is a heavy load indeed. Much love to you Paul.

  5. xoxoxo

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