Something Different   3 comments






The door creaked open on loose, rusty hinges. 

She was silhouetted by the bright full moon

as she slinked erotically through the entrance. 

She crossed the room with a slow, sensual gait

and held me in the gaze of her green-gold eyes. 

Without a word, she began to caress me,

pressing her sensuous body against mine. 

I pulled her close to me and she rested

her head on my shoulder, her breath, soft against my neck. 

She had the slightest scent of rose

and gardenia about her. 

She purred sweetly in my ear…


“Alright, Lily Cat…, You’ve been chasing that damn chipmunk through the flowers again, haven’t you ?” 


(click on the cat for a surprise)




3 responses to “Something Different

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  1. You had me going… but I knew you were leading us down this tricky trail, lol. At least we know you can write romance novels if you wanted to! 😉

  2. I agree with Cindy! Soo much fun!

  3. SOOOO great!!!

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