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OK, everyone…

There are some out there who are wondering when (or if 🙂 ) I’d ever get around to posting anything else about the house/move/renovation process.  Well, at long last, (I’ve been busy on some final projects)….., here it is !!!  I just finished a new tile floor in the guest bath and 2 new medicine cabinets (varnish is still drying on the 2nd one), and the yard…, the yard is a never-ending project.  This finishes the upstairs and now, with cooler weather approaching, I’ll have more time to devote to finishing the basement – worshop/game room/den/storage area.  (click on the pictures for a larger view).





Front Entry Foyer (3 views)


Kitchen Breakfast Nook



2 views of the Kitchen


Family Room out to the Sun Room and Deck



Living Room (2 views)


Antique (3rd) Bedroom


Guest Bedroom


Master Bedroom


It’s been real…., and it’s been fun…., but I wouldn’t call it real fun !!!  🙂  Too much like work.







10 responses to “House Update – final

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  1. Love the curtains of the living room ! Beautiful house 🙂 !

  2. I put up a link in my reply to your question in my comments section. It’s my dream house, the 1855 Greek Revival, boy you could really have fun fixing it up and making it glow. You did a beautiful job on yours…. This was a family house, but has so much potential, but unfortunately my husband can’t see potential. : (

    • The link worked fine, Keli. The house is beautiful !!! The exterior and the grounds are great and the interior has all the potential in the world. Could be modernized or taken back to classical antique design (with a few modern conveniences). I too, have a thing about classical homes like that, the design, the history, and the craftsmanship. A home like this can only increase in value if it’s in a good location. Best of luck to you !

  3. Oh how lovely! Wow….. I can’t wait to move myself, even though I know it will be a lot of work! I’m so excited today as I’m going to go look at a house built in 1855 this afternoon. Can’t really do anything until closer to Christmas, after the wedding and then my nephews wedding in Now, but I’m still excited! You’ve really done a beautiful job here! I know y’all are excited for such a good result! 😀

  4. ♥тнαηк уσυ ƒσя ѕтσρριηg ву.ωιѕнιηg уσυ α ωση∂єяƒυℓ ∂αу ѕωєєтιє ♥ ι нσρє уσυ αяє ωєℓℓ…♥ ℓσνє αη∂ нυgѕ♥

  5. Well there is so much to say. I enlarged each picture. The home is just completely lovely Paul. I love the wood floors and the entry-way and door. I like the color you picked for the walls. I miss white kitchen cupboards. They look the best.
    The antique bedroom is divine. Just lovely! Everything looks like the artist you are put real TLC into it. The living room with the views outside and the tasteful decor is just beautiful. Each bedroom is so relaxing to the eye.
    It may have exhausted you to do all this, but the end result is calming and relaxing and just so inviting.
    Bravo & thanks for posting. I’ve been waiting to see!

  6. Very lovely, Paul. Can I hire you? 🙂

  7. Oh Paul – your home is beautiful! Good job and congratulations!

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