Things I Need


Just a quiet evening in pensive thought about what’s important…, and what’s not


Things I need…, different from things I want.  The things that are important and that I need to get me through each passing day tend to be more abstract and less tangible than the things I want.

I need love, in all its forms, all its descriptions, with all its emotions, in all its blinding brilliance.  It feeds my spirit and gives it the sustenance to face life’s events and trials.  It helps me share its gifts with those who grace my life.

I need hope…, hope to give me the vision and courage to realize that I have the strengths to overcome even the difficult obstacles life puts in my path.

I need faith…, faith to believe that there will always be love to share, and hope for better tomorrows.

The last thing that I need is will…, the will to believe in the hope of love.

These are the things that I need, the things that make each day important, and full, and give me the opportunity to experience this gift called life.


The things that I want are incidental to life, such as food to nourish my body, clothing to keep me warm and socially acceptable, shelter-a place to live that provides protection from the elements of the seasons.  Yes, these are necessary things, but even without some of them, I would manage to survive.  Other wants such as comforts – TV, music, contemporary fashionable things, cars, etc, are nice, but not totally necessary.  They just make life more comfortable, (and sometimes more complicated).


These are just passing thoughts and opinions as I wandered through another quiet evening.  What are the things that you need?

Good Night, everybody





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