Update III


I almost hesitate to do this because it seems a little bit “cheesy” and self serving but some have asked and expressed interest…, so here goes:


1. The kitchen is painted, has a new hardwood floor, and is waiting for baseboard and a ceiling fan, cabinets, appliances, and a granite countertop.

2. Hardwood flooring has invaded the dining room along with a two-tone paint scheme.  It also awaits baseboard trim and chair rail.

3. The long hall has hardwood flooring and 2 new light fixtures.

4. The living room is painted but the baseboard and window trim await paint.

5. All of the new kitchen appliances have arrived along with the new cabinets. Waiting for a contractor to return from vacation to hang the

cabinets and install the appliances.

6. Bedrooms need to have window frames and baseboard primed and painted.

7.  The garage at present looks like a train wreck with everything in the world stored there.

8. The finished part of the basement is awaiting furniture (except for the billiards room – it’s perfect except for some wall hangings and shelves).


Well, folks, that’s about all….., pictures to follow:

View of back yard from LR (strange reflection)              Antique bedroom

P1050092 P1050098

Birdbath in back yard                       Sun Room

P1050125 P1050127

Hardwood invades DR             Kitchen w/new hardwood floor

P1050132 P1050133

hardwood in long hall              2-tone color sceme in DR

 ……………………………………..   will be separated w/chair rail


Antique Bedroom


View of back yard from LR (strange reflection center)


Well…., dat’s all folks !!!!!






12 thoughts on “Update III

  1. I thought you we’re just remodeling your kitchen, looks like you’re redoing the whole house!!! Based on what you have so far, looks like it’s going to be great 🙂
    You got one big project on your hands but you’re doing really great my friend! More power (literally), haha!

  2. Oh gorgeous. What do you mean some have asked for it?? Your cousin demands it!! The wood flooring is beautiful! The sunroom so lovely to curl up and read. The yard through the window, inviting. What a class act and how lovely Paul! I love how all the wood coordinates and I never thought of putting rocks in the birdbath. Striking! Bravo and thank you for posting. Are you doing all this yourself???? Enquiring minds want to know!

      1. 🙂 **blush**
        I just got back from PT and she thinks I will be ready for prime time a couple weeks early. I can’t wait to get on a bike again! I’ll be able to do what I want while vacationing in Europe. Yeah!

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