The Flower   6 comments



Just like a rose

So precious and rare

Is the forever friendship

That we always will share


Planted with kindness

It’s warmed by a sun

Of caring and sharing

Our cares and our fun


It’s grounded in trust

And nurtured by love

With a sprinkling of grace

Blessed from above


Tears of sadness

And joy, like the dew

Renew this friendship

That I share with you


And in the heart’s garden

We find the room

To be just ourselves

To grow and to bloom


A blessing of beauty

A joy unsurpassed

Our friendship’s a flower

That will always last.







6 responses to “The Flower

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  1. Very beautiful poem, just sad how friendship is ! 🙂

  2. So lovely Paul~ Bravo~

  3. This is perfect Paul ~ the flower of friendship blossoming in the garden of our hearts … stunning poetry! x RL 🙂

  4. Beautiful…

  5. Beautiful.

  6. Indeed my dear friend.

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