Sunset Porch swing picture[1]

Can you guess where I am tonight

Though a few of you might know

Soft shadows, warm, and pale moonlight

In a place where life is slow.


Live Oak with Spanish Moss

Hangin’ in the trees

Jasmine and Oleander

Floatin’ on the breeze


Walkin’ on a quiet beach

Ebbtide rollin’ out

Soft, sweet, tender memories

Drift quietly about


Bathed in moon and starlight

So peaceful here it seems

No worries in my world tonight

In my beautiful land of dreams.



Good Night Everybody !





10 thoughts on “Tonight

  1. I hung around the swing a while, just to take in the peace and lovely feeling. Thank you Paul. Beautiful read. I am savoring the moment.
    And no, I don’t know where it is.

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