Cajun Queen

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There’s a sultry place
Where the bayou streams
Close to city’s lights
Down by New Orleans

The moon shines bright
And stars, it seems
Give all their light
 To a cajun queen


She’s tall and slender
And a lithe eighteen
 Her heart’s not tender
 This cajun queen

Few words she says
Her eyes say all
Sleeps the days
Waits night to fall

Her head tossed back
When the music starts
She woos them in
Then breaks their hearts


To only one
When she’s by his side
Does she ever yield
 Her cajun pride


It’s Friday night
I’m takin’ her away
We’ll love or fight
Til the light of day
In the private world
Of our hideaway.

Back on the bayou


Far away







6 thoughts on “Cajun Queen

  1. simply magnifique… I met Cajuns during my 5 years spent in Houston, TX, as Louisiana is next door… 🙂 My very best and tons of inspiration, cheers! 🙂

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