No Excuse   3 comments

(Prelude: see last night’s post)


The poetic muse

Had no excuse

For treating me that way


I took the time

To give verse and rhyme

A sweet melodic sway


This foul nymph in a fit of pique

Deprived my art’s mistique

Yet another weary day


And now dear friends

This stand-off ends

And leaves me now to say


I will visit another muse

Who’s never given me excuse

Or left me with naught to say


Though she’s slow and reticent

The time in wait’s always well spent

She’s always been most generous with her artistic gift


(The PapaBear is taking a much needed break.  Will be back in a few days)






3 responses to “No Excuse

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  1. Yes! I loved this as well! You left with one of your best! I understand the need of breaks!!!! Take your time and come back refreshed! You are one of my FAVS ;)!
    Hugs (((((Paul)))))

  2. She is generous with you because you are most talented……

  3. PapaBear take as much time as you need. This was really quite wonderful to read — I am happy you have settled with this new muse. She sounds lovely in every way. Much Love to you ~ RL

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