But Not Tonight   6 comments



Sitting at the window, watching the fading rays of the setting sun as it dips below the horizon, beckoning the moon and stars to their watch over the darkening of night….


A long day leads to a tired night

Thoughts don’t come so I can’t write

Usually the words will come

Like the stacatto beats of a distant drum


But not tonight…..



Angels watch o’er you

While you sleep

Til the light of dawn


Good night Everybody






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6 responses to “But Not Tonight

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  1. Reading this, i feel i’m taking a walk at night, inhaling the sea breeze and contemplating the solemn beauty of the darkness and fresh silent nature… So beautiful! Your poetry is always a nice inspiration 🙂

  2. This poetry is best described as – Sweet words of chime, like a lullaby it sounds (not that good a poet 🙂 ) Loved it, as it evokes the real imagery of distant horizon.

  3. Lovely!

  4. From time to time the muse takes a break whenever she wants to… Fickle but what can you do?
    Rest and sleep
    And dream sweet dreams
    Let images seep
    Tomorrow you will write.
    Happy Thursday

  5. I had this experience as well.
    Good night Paul, sweet dream.


  6. Thank you Paul… this is a stunning view from your window tonight… even if the words are slow to come, you have offered us poetry nonetheless . Sleep sound – “till the light of dawn” ~
    x Robyn

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