Breaking Down the Fence   4 comments




I sit in the deepening solitude

Listening to the deafening silence

My self righteous rectitude

In my mind has built a fence


Built to guard and protect

The fragility of my egotistic mind

To defend and deflect

To shelter truths I find.


Are these truths so mystically important

Is it that I just don’t want to face

Truths that speak of honesty

That my heart wants to embrace.


These fences must be broken down

If I am to find the light

And let happiness be found

To share with you tonight.


I cast away the emptiness

That clouds my tired brain

To continue on without duress

Washed clean by love’s sweet rain.


Good night, everybody !








Go for it !


4 responses to “Breaking Down the Fence

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  1. Love this poem :), very real beautiful words and it touched me!

  2. Oh this is ever so very beautiful …

  3. Self-righteous rectitude… powerful words. Take down the fence. 🙂

  4. Beautiful words! Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

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