The Garden




Was working in the planting beds around the house this afternoon.  As I tended the flowers, pruned the shrubs, worked the soil, the analogy came to me that life is so very much like a garden.  In both, a seed is planted and after a period of germination or development, life emerges…, a shoot or plant from the germinated seed…, a human life from the impregnated egg.  Both have a growth cycle during which they pass through juvenile stages to maturity.  Both bloom or blossom, each in their own ways to continue their development and bear fruit.  The fruit then produces the seed for new plants or in the case of humans, a new life.

It’s the time from the bloom/blossom stage to the fruit bearing stage that both are most at risk.  During this period, with plants, we tend to fertilize, water, aereate, weed, dust/spray to prevent damage from insects and disease, and watch over them til the fruit is borne.  How is the human life less important than the life of a plant.  There are times, too often actually,  I’ve observed that, during that critical period from blossoming to bearing fruit, too many gardeners (parents) are “too busy” and not tending these human seeds they have planted and brought to life.  There are real losses when this happens, both to the children involved in these damaging relationships, and to the rest of the community around them.

The “gardeners” of this world must understand the responsibility they incur when they plant a seed and bring life into the world, be it plants, or more importantly, human.


Ok, I’m finished rambling.  This was my monthly editorial page.  30 from the PapaBear. 
Good night, everybody !


Life is a garden


Live in it !


Dream in it !


Love it !



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