Ten Thousand

*********************** Down this beach we’ve walked ten thousand times, hand in hand, sharing talk and smiles. We’ve traveled endless highways with no complaint about  thousands of the miles. I’ve dreamed beside you ten thousand nights enraptured by your eyes. We counted a hundred thousand stars across wide velvet skies. You kissed me ten thousand times as we parted… Read More Ten Thousand


******** ******* From the weeping eyes of steel grey skies Came to fall gentle morning rain On the verdant ground where she now lies. In final peace, no pain. …….Sleep well my dear angel…….. **************** (In memory of my grandmother.  After all this time I still miss her…, a lot.  She was a great lady.)… Read More Memories


********************* ******************** I come to her in anticipation and she welcomes me into her embrace. The intimate warmth of her envelops me. I feel the softness of her currents as she gently caresses me. The scent of her flows through the mists of my conciousness as a heady perfume. She tastes of life, and power,… Read More Rapture

In a Moment

********************** In a moment: A war is begun…   Thousands become homeless, starve, die, and these are not among the soldiers in combat. A person is murdered… vengance, revenge, hate, and senselessly for some.  The reason is never logical or enough to justify the crime. A heart is broken… a thoughtless word or act, a partner dies,… Read More In a Moment

By Chance

(Part fact – part fiction.  Mostly just a story) While walking along a moonlit shore one peaceful evening, a young man chanced to meet an unbelievably beautiful young woman.  The air was filled with the scent of jasmine and the saltiness of the incoming tide.  Small waves softly kissed the beach and retreated, leaving the… Read More By Chance

What a Coincidence

For most of the world it’s a day for pranksters April 1st, April Fools Day !   Where I live, and for any cities, towns, communities that have a Polish population it’s Dyngus Day !!! This year both just happen to coincide. In this community it’s celebrated with kraut, kielbasa, other Polish delicacies, and a LOT of… Read More What a Coincidence