Muse’s Pique




The writer’s muse in me scoffed

That’s it !  I’m taking the whole night off

The doors to imagination shut

New thoughts and ideas were put

on the shelf.


Time to find a book to read

to fill empty artistic need

Or in my hand a brush to take

Another muse to bring awake

in the night.


So now as in my artists heart’s

slow and steady beats do start

to lead into the painter’s light

I bid you all a fond good night.


ballerina 3 pencil sketch

When someone closes the door …, open the window !!!






3 thoughts on “Muse’s Pique

  1. Hi Robyn, I did the sketch from a picture I took at a musium in California. In color it was absolutely stunning. My poor sketch doesn’t begin to do it justice.

  2. Lovely words Paul ~ did you sketch the ballerina? It’s beautiful ~ you have muses hiding out everywhere don’t you ?! 🙂 ~ Hope the night was kind to you! ~ xRL

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