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Another beautifully written inspiration from one of our fellow bloggers.

Calliope's Lyre



The Words



I did not know the words
I could tell she was crying though
Someone was missing
Someone wasn’t there
Someone had left


There was an emptiness, in the emptiness
It made her voice more potent
The punctuating, wracking sobs
Like commas, and semi colons
No full stops


I handed her a tissue, and she looked up
The pain in her eyes was a weight
That could break me, if I didn’t look away
Like she was..
I looked away


But I sat there and held her
No one deserves to be alone then


I did not know the words
But I was broken once, too..







Not a long post today, everyone.When you’re pulling someone else out, you swim to the shore yourself too.. So be safe and be strong, wherever you are. And if it…

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  1. Beautiful phrases.

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