Rapture   8 comments



I come to her in anticipation and she welcomes me into her embrace.

The intimate warmth of her envelops me.

I feel the softness of her currents as she gently caresses me.

The scent of her flows through the mists of my conciousness as a heady perfume.

She tastes of life, and power, and serenity.

She cools my fevered brow with a gentle tenderness, and I am reborn in her loving arms.

As we part, I return to the shore to the soft warm sand to dry and dream of my lover…,


The sea





8 responses to “Rapture

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  1. Besides the stunning picture… your words are fantastic and create and almost intimate symbiosis between the two. (Is that the right word… well, you probably know what I mean) 😀

  2. Breath taking. Have I said that to you before? I think you have a lot of taking away your breath writing here…. how about a book?

  3. Hello it’s really wonderful, thanks ! 🙂

  4. This is beautiful!

  5. Oh Paul – how wonderful this is! I know you thought it was on the same wavelength as my current post, but it actually reminded me a lot of http://throughthehealinglens.com/2012/08/25/the-finale/ ~ not sure if you have read it…… if not, enjoy. in mine I made the ‘sun’ the feminine energy and the ‘sea’ the masculine 🙂 but I say “great minds think alike”… This was a real treat – Bravo !! x RL

  6. What a beautiful picture painted on the canvas of my mind…

  7. Ah the irresistible seduction of that most powerful mistress has broken the heart of many women. Beautifully done Paul. Soon you should be able to return to her embrace. Smiles.

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