The Shamrock

******************* ‘Tis time now for a wee bit more Irish Lore… *********** *************** Contrary to popular belief, the shamrock is not the official emblem of Ireland.  Officially, that honor goes to the Celtic harp. But in the hearts and minds of people all over the world, the shamrock is the symbol of Ireland. You could… Read More The Shamrock

The Celtic Knot

Celtic knots are perhaps the most notorious and recognizable artwork in Celtic history. Celtic knots started appearing in history after about 450 AD; the Celtic knots meaning is sketchy at best, because there is little written history documenting their purpose. However, repetition of their appearance through history in conjunction with other various human interpretations give… Read More The Celtic Knot

Thank You

**************************** To everyone who read and commented on “Passage” that was posted yesterday… ************************************** Thank you for your compassion and caring at at time of family loss and grief.  Your kindness is very much appreciated.  Thank you for the warmth of your friendship. My love to you all, Paul ******************** *********** ****


************ *********** A baby A little girl A schoolgirl A coed A sweetheart A teacher A wife A mother A grandmother A widow * Another angel in the mists of heaven ********************** For my Mother-in-Law Who passed away this evening. She was a lady. ******* *** ** * *