Spring Is Sprung (maybe)

More Crocus are popping up in the beds.


Hyacinths are rearing their beautiful heads.


Maybe Spring is arriving in the Great Lakes ???


Now for a challenge for any knowledgeable gardeners, horticulturists, or anyone else with expertise in plants…

These are native to southern California, a wildflower, a field plant….  What are they?????



‘Tis a beautiful day here…, sunshine, 49degrees, and no wind. 

Almost had thoughts of going fishing, but the boat

hasn’t been uncovered and prepped for the season. 

Rats !!!!!  Believe that will be resolved, and soon.





4 thoughts on “Spring Is Sprung (maybe)

  1. I am so happy it is spring! Wearing runners rather than boots, leather rather than a puffy jacket! It’s too bad I’m in the city and can’t see such lovely flowers as you’ve posted here


  2. I’m sure someone else will recognize that pretty flower.. I’m abysmal at that sort of thing.. although I have a deep abiding love for flowers:) I have a table laden with hyacinths for Easter.. but mine didn’t pop up from underground unfortunately! Happy Easter!

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