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There is a place called yesterday

I passed it down the road

A place the heart can stop and play

And loose it’s heavy load


Memories live in this old place

And most find respite there

A friend, a sweet familiar face

Give sweetness to the air.


Best not linger there too long

What’s there is in the past

But like notes of an old favorite song

The soft melodies still last.






Posted March 26, 2013 by PapaBear in Uncategorized

9 responses to “Yesterday

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  1. This is very very beautiful Paul, I love it. Clarabelle

  2. This is amazing Paul. I love this memory poem… Sometimes it is good to linger in a happy moment spent once upon a time…

  3. sigh….

  4. You hit another ball out of the park cuz~

  5. The more I read it, the more I like it.. Beautiful write.. I find myself going up yet again, just one more time maybe? 🙂

  6. Best not linger there too long…true words indeed!

  7. Perfect….

    LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

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