The Faces of War


War…, one of the most inhuman atrocities that humans can inflict upon other humans and throughout the centuries it seems we have learned nothing.  Governments even today use it as a first reaction…, to political problems…, for acquisition of lands that are not theirs…, as a punishment to their own citizens who disagree with a despot…, or for some, just an act of maniacal egotism.  None of those who favor and declare wars are ever in the forefront of them, sacrificing their lives, losing their limbs, their homes.  They never see that ugliness created by their questionable and careless decisions.  How long does it take for people to learn that war is never a solution to a problem – it IS a problem.  With the following photos I hope to raise an awareness of the gravity of acts of war, who it affects, and what it destroys – the most important of which is lives.


imagesCAQ62XEY1_21_051009_srilanka[1]for+love+of+country-11[1]ARLINGTON-WIDOWSimagesCA0D8UU7 w43_40701064[1]saigon execution[1]imagesCANEQ31Eweb-fallen-soldier_9164[1]widow 2 at arlington_thumb[5][1]Victoria-Chant-weeps-at-t-001[1]5dd07193712a1197d7067f0c85f449aa[1]


As I see it, this world we live in is a war casualty, and it desparately needs our help.





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