Here Come the Irish   8 comments

I had posted this once before, last year I believe, but, with the upcoming celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it would make a nice prelude to the event.


Found this tucked between the pages of a library book several years ago and, while cleaning up my bookshelves, found it again.  Have no clue who may have written it or when but would like to share it with you.  I believe those of you who have an Irish heritage (as I do) will enjoy it.  Even if you’re not Irish, it should bring a smile to you.



What can I say about the Irish…, the utterly impractical, never predictable, sometimes irascible, quite inexplicable Irish?

A strong blend of shyness, pride, and conceit, and a stubborn refusal to bow in defeat,

He’s spoiling and ready to argue and fight,yet the smile of a child fills his heart with delight.

His eyes are the quickest to well up with tears, yet his strength is the strongest to banish your fears.

His hate is as fierce as devotion is grand, and there’s no middle ground on which he will stand.

He’s wild and  he’s gentle.  He’s good and he’s bad.  He’s proud and he’s humble.  He’s happy and sad.

He’s in love with the ocean, the earth and the skies.  He’s enamored of beauty wherever it lies.

He’s victor and victim, a star and a clod, but mostly he’s Irish and

in love with his God.


(Anonymous Author)






8 responses to “Here Come the Irish

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  1. What’s not to love about the Irish, please tell me!

  2. Haha St. Patrick’s Day makes everyone want to be Irish! Thank goodness I am, in part


    • Well don’t ye know, lass…, creation ‘n’ th’ garden o’ Eden started in Eire. Everythin’ good ever befill this earth began on the auld sod. All them oth’r poor unfortunate souls naturally want to be Irish !

  3. I love this… it does sound just like my Irish grandfather. 😀

  4. Beautiful description 🙂

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