Danse de Vie   11 comments



The calm and quiet shore was kissed

By sleepy, shrouding, evening mist

And as I walked there near the sea

A gentle voice did call to me…


“Come, join me in the dance”.


I wandered from the quiet shore

Through emerald mist on  forest floor

And, as gentle rain began to fall,

Once again I heard her call…


“Come, join me in the dance”.


I came upon a rocky nave

And there inside this hidden cave

A thousand candles and sparkling eyes

As blue as summer’s cloudless skies.


I saw a maiden standing there

With sapphire eyes and skin so fair.

Such beauty took my breath away,

And once again I heard her dare…


“Come, join me in the dance”.


Outside beneath starlit skies

We danced before the sparkling eyes

Danced beneath the full moon bright

Throughout the seeming endless night…


My heart had joined her dance.


All the Summer I would spend

Believing it would never end

The wondrous joy of love we’d share

‘Neath summer’s sun in the salty air…



The waltz of love we danced.


With the Autumn breezes came

The promise of another name

A child that my queen would bear

A princess whom our love would share…


Cold and wind and frost arrived

On Winter’s stormy, troubled tide

The music stopped.  It would not play

Princess and Queen had gone away…


Death had joined our dance.


From worlds beyond their spirits call

From memories and ghostly halls

“Live for us and do not cry

For if you live, we will not die…”


Forever we will dance.





11 responses to “Danse de Vie

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  1. I had to read this again…..it is so gorgeous.

  2. The forever dance–keeping them alive through his life–beautiful!

  3. Beautiful poem written by a very sensitive hand !

  4. Awesomeness cuz…..

  5. Beautiful beautiful!

  6. Wow Paul that was breathtaking! In other words it actually took my breath away~! (smile)

  7. Absolutely beautiful and very moving . Thank you Paul.

  8. Woow…., I really love this poem…. indeed beautifully…. awesome
    Thank you Paul.

    Much love,

  9. Never, they stand beside you waiting…

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