Vagabond Wanderer   16 comments


Cold winter rain holds me

In its icy wet embrace.

Offers me no mercy

As its tears run down my face.


A keening wind knifes through me

As I plod slowly down the road.

No help out there that I foresee

To ease this burden’s load.


A light, a door opens

And a hand beckons to me.

Dry and warmth that I can sense

Offered gently…, tenderly.


On a blanket near the fire I lay

As dawn ushers in a brand new day

At peace here I would want to stay

Knowing , should be on my way.


Cursed I am to wander long

Beyond the words of happy song

Wondering wanderer I belong

To wanderlust, be right or wrong.


One day I will cease to roam

Finding a place to call my home

A place where I’ll find lasting peace

And vagabond wandering will cease

A gentle peace to everyone out there.






Posted February 11, 2013 by PapaBear in Other Art, Photo, Poetry

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16 responses to “Vagabond Wanderer

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  1. I read this about four times and I catch something different each time. A work of art! Loved the fireplace. Perfect ending!

  2. I love this, Paul. It comes with an inner peace of knowing that always we are on our way home, on the only road we know – our own. ~ Love you, Bobbie

  3. Loud ,short and clear…my favorite yet from you 🙂

  4. This is amazing.. The poem took my breath away, so much feeling in it!
    And your sets of images are always so fitting and so meaningful!

  5. Beautiful….

    LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words
  6. Magnificent poem! The journey’s end is only found when first he finds peace, within. What a complicated soul this, who the reader follows. This was brilliant Paul. I especially love the idea that home means more than a place or building but a state of mind. Will be sharing this with our friends.

  7. Lovely poem and perfect picture, but I want to know who opened the door, to “see” the one who saved the traveler from the storm. This is a melancholy, fascinating segment of a longer tale.

  8. I think I came across this as the best time possible… I needed to read this.. Thank you for this incredibly touching and lilting write. This is just how I feel right now, and it resonates..

  9. Very moving and beautiful to boot. Wanderlust has its down side… one day I’ll have a home, may be. Thank you Paul. Be well.

  10. Lonely, but with that spark of hope at the end… Such an evocative read!


  11. Beautiful in its longing and knowing that one day there will be only ups…only knowing he iChat thing to do, only choosing always the right place to wander.

    Love you my friend. Sheri

  12. Lovely Paul….Once again…..

  13. To love others, you must take time to learn to love yourself first….

  14. Paul, this is so beautiful …. the longing to be at peace with just being, … releasing the desire to always be seeking for more… that is the feeling I got reading ~ truly wonderful dear friend ! ~ xRL

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