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Today I heard a desparate voice

Above life’s daily noise

Please help me, I’m lost

I can’t find my way

I don’t know where to start

My time grows short

I need your help….
Take my hand and aid me in this task
Into the shadows of the night
On pathways dark and dim
Help me control my fears, fright
Until I’m safe with Him.



Spectral ghosts, old memories of moments lost in time

Fragments of forgotten dreams of a life that once was mine


Empty words and empty lines and pages out of time

Dusty remnants of a past that life has left behind.


(This is what I felt, looking into the eyes of a 95 year old woman with end-stage heart failure and severe dementia)





5 responses to “Dementia

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  1. heartbreaking … and so elegantly depicted in your words Paul. Thank you for this… so well done friend ~ xo RL

  2. Oh… it’s so sad. You expressed beautifully Paul.

    Blessed be,

  3. Beautifully and sensitively expressed. There is little that approaches the helplessness one feels when seeing the terror in a demntia’s patients eyes. I feel for you.

  4. Gives me goosebumps and shivers. Excellent.

  5. What a sad, true piece of work.


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