The Cold of Winter’s Snow   16 comments



Daytime now has faded
All it’s promise is jaded
And now comes the night
when shadow hides the light.
Shadows and dreams race
As in the starlight’s glow
Reflects a moonlit face
In the cold of winters snow.






Posted February 4, 2013 by PapaBear in Photo, Poetry

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16 responses to “The Cold of Winter’s Snow

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  1. Yes, I agree with Lily, I love shadows and dreams race…

  2. You convey so much in just a few words. Not to mention the lingering mental picture your poem leaves behind. C’est magnifique!!

  3. As a dreamer and a poet the words and pictures do make my precious heart race. Beautiful Paul. Love, Sheri

  4. I recognize your words and your photographs.. we’ve very similar weather here. Only, just now, we’re experiencing a chinook, so those icy cold nights are a thing of the past for a few days. Lovely writing!

  5. Sorry, your!

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous! I get my talent from you side of the family! Truly beautiful Paul!

  7. You describe it beautifully bring along my feelings.
    Thank you so much Paul.


  8. That idea of shadows and dreams racing – I love it!

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