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I guess I’m so out of touch, since we don’t have teens in the house anymore, that I don’t know the contemporary terms.  Yeah, I know different, and gay, and slow, etc., but what is “EMO”?  That’s a new one to me.

I copied this from a response I received to a question that I’d asked one of our fellow bloggers.

I’d never heard of the term “emo” used and, I guess it is common phraseology among a lot of young people (especially school age) today.  It was, from its text, written by a young, school-aged person and I was really impressed with the maturity, emotion, and morality of this description and accompanying writing.  Please read it carefully.  This is the kind of thought process and behavior that will help to make a difference for our future generations.  People like “Someone” need to be encouraged and supported.



Someone Jan 22, 9:38 pm

So from what I would say the majority of people my age (teenagers) think “emo” is, is a person who self harms and is depressed all the time and wears a lot of black. Now if I meet someone who is like that I think nothing of it and don’t judge them at all and think of them as normal humans on the other hand the majority of teenagers don’t think that way, they think of them as attention whores freaks, faggs, or people who should just end their lives already. It truly is horrible and I hate that label and what it has turned into. And let me tell you being called an emo freak does hurt my friends and I would know from experience. So many people though are so ignorant….they never stop and think “hey will I be hurting someone by saying this?”. I hope things can change and people can start thinking differently. I know for sure when I have kids one day I am going to raise them to accept all people unless given a reason not to and give everybody a chance before judging them and deciding whether you like them or not.


Ok, “Someone”, I can only hope that someday you will step forward, claim the praise you rightfully deserve for this post, and help lead people back to the light. 

Best to you!




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  2. Thank you for posting this.

    • J,
      Is “emo” a west coast term or something. I’ve asked some young people about it here and they’re not familiar with it?

      • Hello. =)

        The term emo is supposed to be a short form of “emotional”, a teenager or young adult who is in tune with their feelings, both positive and negative. The dreamers and poets and bards of yore would probably be categorized as emo too, but the technical definition. Nowadays however, emo includes anyone who wears black all the time, self harms, and is borderline suicidal. The positive aspects of being “emo”, being sensitive etc, often recedes into the background. The kicker being that it reinforces the image of a depressed and lonely teenager who’s crying and moaning and griping all the time. Thats what its turned into, the whole “emo” scene. Google “emo” and what pops up is a series of images of kids wearing tamed down goth clothes and crying from behind asymmetric hairstyles.

        I guess it stems from wanting to belong to a larger support group, or maybe thats just my take on it. What I do know is that it’s rapidly turning into bait fodder for the more regular, cliched high school cliques. I’m all for self expression, but the kids who actually do need help, who maybe do need counselling or support or therapy for whatever serious reasons, are often lost behind the masses of teenagers who think it’s cool to cut themselves and rebel because their parents didn’t buy them the new Mac that just came out. Emo’s turned into something that was a silent, expressive cry for help, to a constant forced mass depression.. And that’s never a good thing, ever.

      • Thanks, Cookie.

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