Vagabond   5 comments



No cares, no worries, no heavy load

Just drifting and wandering each day

Along life’s hilly and oft curving road

Letting his heart find his way

He’s up with the sun

Takes his drink from a stream

Sleeps most nights ‘neath the stars

And he’s at peace with life and his dreams.


His love is the road, the hills and the sky

Some days aren’t easy, but he never asks why.

With love in his heart his burdens are light,

A smile for the day, and a song for the night

He’ll search this existence, this world, and beyond

Life is his journey, this free vagabond.





Posted January 19, 2013 by PapaBear in Uncategorized

5 responses to “Vagabond

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  1. Very nice!

  2. Beautiful 😀

  3. Me like!

  4. Sometimes it’s nice just to be a vagabond for a day…just for a change of pace and to find release from the burdens of daily life. Nice my friend. Xo Sheri

  5. Beautiful as always.


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