Love Never Dies   13 comments


It’s been a weary and trying day and the pen lies silent on the desk.

Meeting the challenges of recent days has been difficult, knowing that

the near future only brings more trials.  The bright light in this experience

though, is knowing that, despite the sadness connected to it,

in the middle of it all, there is the torch of love, even in the inevitable

loss, love that will continue to shine within our hearts even after

she leaves us to continue her journey.  That light, the love that

she gives us, is our torch to carry, and in time, to pass forward to those that

we will leave behind, so, to quote an old line…,

“love never dies”.


I’m tired tonight and it probably shows in the words written here

so I’d best just stop now and find some peace in music and song.


A sweet night and happy dreams to you all.






Posted January 15, 2013 by PapaBear in Prose

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13 responses to “Love Never Dies

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  1. I truly hope and pray that you’ll find the strength and peace in your heart to help you get through it.

  2. I hope things look better today Paul.

  3. Beautiful piece of poetry. Soo VERY sorry if you are facing major loss. Hugs and comfort to you.

  4. Beautiful piece of poetry. So sincerely sorry if you

  5. I haven’t followed your blog close enough to know the journey you are on here.. but your words are touching and sad.. I hope you sleep well.. xx

  6. Sweet dream and good night Paul.


  7. Good night my friend. I know your heart is heavy and you are weary. I lift you and yours up to Gods heavenly light … With all my might. So thankful that love never dies…Sheri

    • Thank you for the sweet kind thoughts, Sheri. your kind of support in times like this is nice to feel.
      Before I left the PC last nite I dialed up “Love Never Dies” on youtube and there is a beautiful version of the song there by Sierra Boggess and by Kathering Jenkins from the musical “Love Never Dies” by Andrew Lloyd Webber. That’s where the inspiration for what I wrote came from and that song is so meaningful to me from so many perspectives.
      Thanks again, Sheri. You da best !!!

  8. Thanks Maryrose. Goodnight.

  9. May your dreams get lost on the melodies
    the wind carries within life’s mysteries….
    Creating peace-filled dreams
    Take Care…

    LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

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