I wrote this a little over 3 years ago and as morose as this poem sounds, I actually felt worse.  I had been on a waiting list for a heart transplant for over a year and my condition was deteriorating pretty rapidly.  I was extremely limited as far as any physical activity and the lack of being able to do ANYTHING was terribly depressing for someone as active as I’d been.  Long story short…, the call for a transplant came about 3months after I wrote the following:


Long dreary days hang heavy on my shoulders

I am tired and ready , for rest

Cares and concerns only add to the burdens

I am weary, but must still face the test.

The years have stolen my youth

And time pulls hard at my strength

My heart is heavy, and filled with distress

I am tired, and weary, and ready for rest.


On June 19, 2010 I was born again, with a new heart, free of the disease and problems and health worries of the previous 20 years.  An old man died that night at 6:24 in the evening and was reborn at 7:58p.m., complete with a new heart and a fresh attitude and appreciation for life.  And just for any out there who doubt…., yes, there are angels watching over us.







16 thoughts on “Angels

  1. Wow! What an inspiring story!! Your poem is beautiful as well. Thank you for stopping by my blog some time ago. It’s a pleasure meeting you!

  2. in a world of impossible there is always a possible
    I heard words almost identical 12 years ago….my husbands friend had been on dialysis for about 6 yrs, (born with juvenile diabetes) a massive heart attack, while he was in the hospital, his second wife sold his Harley’s sold the house, cleaned out their accounts….he was not in a good way….
    he was shutting down physically and mentally…
    my husband has known him since I think 1st grade…and as I walked by
    I heard my husband say if I had O+ blood my kidney would be yours…
    Joe was giving up, no one he knew families, friends, co-workers weren’t even close to match…I said in passing I was, and that set me on a road for two years, his doctors did everything to talk me out of even starting the tests..but I
    left everything to Goddess…if I was meant to donate a it would be…
    not to ramble on…I was able to give him one…I died came back was in a coma
    for 2-1/2 days and Joe was walking around 2 hours after the surgery….
    Joe called with an update the other day he is doing wonderful….
    Life is always amazing to me…
    I am glad I have met you Paul….you are a very special person, more than you know….
    you words have such a deep winding depth about them here…
    not sure that makes sense…they took me back to the morning of that Feb 2…
    Take Care…
    You Matter….

    1. Maryrose, you are one of God’s special people. The gift you gave is more precious than you (the donor) could ever imagine. You gave the miracle of life to someone who, like me, was on the edge of real dispair and, by loving enough, you brought this man back to real meaningful living. You are a real angel living among us.

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