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Sometimes when it’s quiet

And I’m sitting all alone

I permit my thoughts to wander

And allow my heart to roam


It’s in these reflective moments

That I’m most at peace it seems

When I give myself permission

To reach out and touch my dreams.



It’s a warm, peaceful day and I’m wandering again.  There’s no one else here, just me, the mountains, a rushing stream, the trees, and one lone Stellar Jay.  I walk along the rocky bank to an area that’s a bit more open, where there are a few less bushes and overhanging limbs and sit to assemble my rod and attach my reel.  That’s an easy, practiced process that takes only a minute or two.  Deciding which fly will entice a hungry trout to strike is a different matter.  I sit and study the bushes and the stream for a while, watching to see if there’s a mayfly hatch and then I’ll see which of the flies I’ve tied will best match them.  Nothing’s happening!  Looks like it could be a while.  I reach inside my backpack and grab a bottle of water and a sandwich, then turn to continue my observations.  I’d almost finished the sandwich when I saw a small cloud of insects across the stream.  It was a hatch of Caddis flies.  Reaching into my box, I selected my best imitation of it and attached it to my line.  It had been years since I’d used my fly rod but, like riding a bicycle, there are some things that you just don’t forget how to do.  With a slow practiced rythm I began the repetition of the cast and allowed my fly to drop into the water just below the swarming hatch of natural flies.  Patiently I payed out the line and permitted the current to take the fly downstream across pools and rocks where trout normally lurked.  Just as I was about to give up and reel in the line it went taut and the trout surfaced, hooked and fighting…..  And then I woke up and realized that I was still in bed and it was 3:00a.m.


… and it was such a nice dream… !!!




6 responses to “Permission

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  1. Beautiful and very introspective. To give ourselves the permission to flow and wander to the places our heart yearns to go (but we often will not permit) ~ Very lovely reflection ! Peace to you ~ Robyn

  2. Ahhh such are dreams.

  3. You had me going, I could see it all, the fly rod dancing, the trout ready to bite, and SLAM! The story ends….Pfftt! It’s like watching trailers of A River Runs Through It .

  4. I permit my thoughts to wander
    And allow my heart to roam

    Indeed we need time to do this.
    Thank you for reminding Paul, wonderful and helpful posts.


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