Into the Air   7 comments


Feelings racing up on high

Dancing lightly ‘cross the sky

Laughing while our spirits fly

Never asking who or why.


Splashing sprightly through a stream

Chasing a vision of rainbows

Following an illusive dream

Down the path that life goes


Grinning, smiling, lightly singing

Everything here is passing fair

Music sounds and bells are ringing

Cares and worries go….,  up into the air.







Posted January 9, 2013 by PapaBear in Photo, Poetry

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7 responses to “Into the Air

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  1. You are on a roll! Looks like it’s gonna be a good year for ya! Wonderful works! I am going backwards reading!
    Love the photo! Reminds me when I was an Event Coordinator and helped to organized an Hot Air Balloon Festival. We did it 3 years in a row. I even went up! Our piliot was in his eighties… he asked us if we knew CPR… never cracked a smile. I still dont’ know if he was serious. LOL.

  2. I loved this happy carefree poem. Just truly made me feel happy when I read it.

    • It’s that time of year when everyone needs a little “pick-me-up” from the post holiday blues and if it brought a smile and made you happy, then it did its job.

  3. Feels like love to me. Exhuberant and carefree. Gorgeous.

  4. It’s intriguing and so lovely.
    Thanks for sharing Paul.

    Be blessed,

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