Alzheimers Lament   5 comments

In the time between then and now
The place between here and there
Is a world of stormy seas
Where there are no memories.

Eternity passes every day
Moving slowly as it goes
No more do I know the way
No more sweetness on the rose.

Just a lonely waiting game
Passing every day the same
No longer knowing what is right
Only waiting for the night.

Days grow darker
Nights are long
Wishing for the certain finish
When I hear the Master’s song.







Posted January 3, 2013 by PapaBear in Uncategorized

5 responses to “Alzheimers Lament

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  1. Hi Paul,

    Although I have no experience with a loved one being afflicted with Alzheimer’s, I suspect that the nature of this illness tends to affect family and friends moreso than the patients themselves. Does that make sense? I’m sorry that you are experiencing this for a second time and, of course, also that your father and mother-in-law have been stricken in this way.

    • Hi Ray,
      You’re absolutely correct about the effects of this disease. Close family, especially the caretaker feels it most deeply. Thanks for your visit and your sentiments.

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  3. Very moving. You really captured the anxiety that living with A. generates.
    It is a wicked disease. My mom had it; it is devastating to everyone touched by it.

    • Hi Emm,
      I wrote this from the perspective of what I saw and felt my father go through in his final years, and from what I see my mother-in-law dealing with now. Two very vital and active people reduced to little but a living shell with nothing but the immediate moment to live in. They have precious little memory of any of their past and live in such a world of confusion that they don’t even think of a future. This is one of the most heart-breaking diseases because it robs the mind and leaves the body mostly healthy.
      Thanks for your comment. Sorry about your mother.

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