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The old elf was busy in the kitchen today.  The upper

pan has (L to R) 1 row of peanut butter balls (creamy),

2 rows of peanut butter balls (crunchy), 2 rows of

rum truffles, chocolate nut sandwiches, dipped honey

wheat pretzels, and the little guys are dipped blueberries.

Lower pans:  Left, cherry cordials.  Right, chocolate truffles.

I think I gained about 5 pounds in the process today (cooks privilege, you know).  This is my traditional holiday

contribution to the celebration of the upcoming events.  I don’t do Christmas cookies! (beneath my dignity).

I’d like to send everyone a sampling but, you know….., the expense, postage, and the mailman would probably

open and eat it anyway.




Posted December 13, 2012 by PapaBear in Other Art, Photo

11 responses to “The Candy Man

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  1. Cuz-
    I would like 6 of each please. Just to taste of course.

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  3. Good night….., sleep tight.

    BEst wishes,

  4. Please pass the rum truffles.

  5. Beautiful and I’m sure yummy!

  6. I think you shall have the sweetest of dreams tonight!

    LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

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