In the shadows of a song

Past, present, and future laid.

Words and verse now belong

To thoughts and feelings left unsaid.





7 thoughts on “Unsaid

  1. Even though this poem is brief, it carries an infinity of meaning! Me as a writer and musician (i never became 😉 ) related to it deeply!

    Dear Paul, if you don’t mind, I will cite this poem of your in one of my upcoming posts about love and melancholy and link it back to your site, it’s wonderful!

      1. Hi Sofia,
        The message was not to leave things unsaid, or undone. Too often people do this and are left to live with the regret of words left unspoken, or things they should have done.
        Thanks for spreading the word.

      2. Oh yes, I sensed the deep meaning of it soo well!
        This is how I used to be writing my songs and stories before – everything was based on unexpressed emotions and unspoken words to the people that went with the past and never had the chance to hear what I really wanted to tell them..
        And now I live by the belief that no experienced emotion or a thought should be buried and gone unsaid to the people I really care for! 🙂

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