Riches   8 comments


Today I met a young man who was in love.

His clothes were torn; his shoes were worn,

But his eyes betrayed a glow,

A look that only those who love

Will ever come to know.


Some only saw a pauper,

But my eyes beleld a king,

Whose only real posession

Was worth more than earthly things.

Was then  I met the girl he loved,

A youthful pauper queen

And understood the happiness

That, in his eyes, I’d seen.




Posted November 28, 2012 by PapaBear in Other Art, Poetry

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8 responses to “Riches

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  1. Beautiful

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  3. What a lovely wonder about love and what lives in the heart. Beautifully done!

    **stopping by from Susie’s party** 🙂

    • Thanks Angelia, glad you liked it. It started as a few scribbled lines in a notebook that got lost and was recently found during some housecleaning in the office. Best to you.

  4. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

    • Thanks, Juliette. This started out as a few scribbled lines in a notebook, forgotten for a long time, and recently resurrected and finished out. Glad you liked it..


  5. So nice Paul! When will you put these all together and submit for publication?

    • Publish !?! Me !?! I have thought of it recently, but haven’t had the nerve to make any move. I’ve just been writing for me (and whatever poor souls that wander to my blogsite). I’m nowhere near a professional, nor as good as many who are out here…, but now and then the temptation does come to mind. Thanks for your wonderful opinion though, Cindy.

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