Nocturnal Visitor

Through the foggy realm of sleep

A hazy slyph came from the deep

And in this haunting nighttime mist

Came a tender touch, then a kiss.


This sprightly spirit danced through the room

Banishing the impending gloom

Her gown a lacey, gauzy veil

Her features pallid white, and pale.


Her scent jasmine and columbine

Mixed with that of rose and wine

She vanished into the morning’s air

The sleeper reaching in despair.


With dawn all trace of her was gone

‘cept a hint of jasmine in the air

On the nightstand in the sun

A wilted rose was laying there.





7 thoughts on “Nocturnal Visitor

  1. I will say WOW too..
    I like the way this felt as I read the words
    felt like whispers in the dark…!
    do you mind if I reblog this one Paul…?
    Take care….

    1. Hi Maryrose,
      Glad you liked this one. Don’t know if I was fighting it or if it was fighting me but I finally just said it’s enough and sent it out. I don’t mind if you reblog anything.

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