Dreams   7 comments


Softly through the swirling fog

A blurry vision comes calling

Hazy and filmy it drifts into sight

Slowly becomes focused, vivid, and bright

Voices and images, ephemeral and fleeting

Pass through the mind’s sleepy view

As facile and quiet as smoke through a screen

They come and they go…, phantom figures in dreams






Posted November 11, 2012 by PapaBear in Poetry

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7 responses to “Dreams

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  1. Very pretty.

  2. Maybe this dream will be a realality

  3. Feels like a dream!

    • This was my description of trying to remember a dream. Some are pretty clear, most though, are like this – just a figment of a fog.
      Thanks for the comment, Cindy.

  4. what a wonderful poem!
    I really like this one !
    I am slowly catching up, I have missed reading here…
    work gets in the way
    Take Care…

    LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

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