Wanderlust   Leave a comment

Funny how, as time goes by,

I feel the need to wander

Never ask or question why

What might lie o’er yonder


Out the back door, ‘cross the lawn

Down through the frosty woods

Wakening the drowsy dawn

Past sleeping neighborhoods


Answer a whim, chase a dream

Across a flowered meadow

Along a crystal mountain stream

Chased only by a shadow


Follow a rainbow, wherever it gleams

Not reasoning which way to go

Only wanderlust it seems

Cures the need to know.


Oftentimes when by the sea

Following a bright illusion

My heart can hear a melody

In the roseate setting sun.


Whether in the bright sunlight

Or in a darkening dusk

Unbidden, be it wrong or right,

I feel the call of wanderlust



(Note:  I think it’s time for a vacation!)


Posted November 3, 2012 by PapaBear in Poetry

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