One Constant Thing

While the years pass to age

On what can I rely

What life set on the stage

Was so much of a lie


What was real in my youth

As I wandered through life

Now far less than the truth

I’m saddened by strife


What was real at the start

Is now battered and broke

Is as easy to hold

As a handful of smoke


One constant I hold

That has always been real

So large and so bold

That no lies could steal


It gives me my strength

To approach each new day

To achieve what I must

Guides my feet in its way


When some days seem dark

I can reach ~ and it’s there

It surrounds and protects me

It matters not where (I go)


It knows only one name

Though it appears many ways

It is truth, not a game

Will be there all my days

It’s name is love.


5 thoughts on “One Constant Thing

  1. Love survives within us ~ within our dreams and our memories. Without love, we might as well disappear. And the people we loved would fade with us, as though we’d never loved them, as if they’d never walked and talked and yearned for our touch. Forgetting them is the worst sin, the ache that is a life not worth living. You are more than one memory. You are love. This I know for certain, Paul. ~ Love, Bobbie

    1. I guess I didn’t say it very well in the poem but what I meant to communicate was that, after such a very long time, a dark door has finally opened, and there is a brighter side of love, more than memories, that I can see, feel, touch, and rely upon. You were right, Bobbie…, more than one memory. Thanks for your words, and more…
      …. forever,

  2. in a world of chaos and strife
    truth gets lost among all the fires sometimes
    as the smoke clears, we see the truth had a fire
    of its own and its smoke was seeping deep within our souls
    all along steadily beating, patiently waiting…..for us to know
    what truth in love is…each in their own time to feel the truth
    not everyone makes it through the fires….
    I think you have….
    Beautiful Paul…..
    Take Care…

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