2 thoughts on “P-51 Mustang – August 1987

  1. I want my name on a plane!
    I got to fly in helicoptors in the Army
    (54th Mast ) huey150? too many years ago to remember
    I flew in everything but the Apache, and oh how I lusted to do that LOLs..
    it was incredible…!
    this is a beauty, with it having your name, you should have taken it home LOLs.

    1. I wasn’t aircrew, but an air traffic controller, and was invited to fly a lot during my career in most of what the Air Force had to offer at the time – all of the “century series” except the F-105. Most thrilling was the F-104- fastest, highest climbing, and most fantastic ride of my life. We were above 80k ft. Best and most fun though was in the P51 above. Was at the EAA convention in 1987, Oshkosh, WI.

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