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Spoke with an old friend today.  We hadn’t been in touch for 3 years, but that’s how it’s been for a long time now.  Long silent periods, then one or the other will pick up the phone and call.  “Been thinkin’ of you and just had to find out how you are”.  Known each other since we were 10 and were in constant contact with each other for more than 20 years.  By then both were married and had lives to attend to, but, once in a while, on quiet evenings, the phone would ring and a protracted conversation would ensue – catching up on each other’s lives.  In our conversation this afternoon, it was so familiar and comfortable, as though we  had just spoken together yesterday.  Interesting how some people can enter and stay in your life and in your heart like this.  As the conversation ended, I told her, “Just had to know that you’re alright, “Curly-top”, and I love you”.  Her response was, “I’m just just fine now “Sundown”, and I love you too.  Bye now.”  And we’ll both be alright now…, both waiting for the next phone call.  Old friends (of more than 50 years) and still going strong.




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