A Seeker’s Journey   1 comment

I’d like to say that I wrote this, but, in truth, I found it (handwritten) between the

pages of a library book and thought to share it.  For me it embodies the quest to understand life’s mysteries

and the search for those things, or that person which/who makes life meaningful.

“In dreams I’ve seen a golden wood

that holds the riddles of the world
And I’ve trod upon a hidden path

where shadowed strangers
Have often led me to it’s gate.

Strange sights I saw while all alone,

like candlelight encased in stone
And heard laughter and music low

which led me to where I did not know
For I had wandered off the path.

Then an unknown voice did call to me

from the bowers of the shaded trees
A stranger’s voice, yet one I knew

and I ran through grass and the sleepy dew
Just to find that voice”.



Posted August 11, 2012 by PapaBear in Poetry

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  1. I love this…….and even though you didn’t write it, it became a part of you the moment you passed it on…….. Beautiful. ~ Love, Me

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