I’d Die for This Dance


Once Again I’d Die for This Dance

It began with a lullaby

To quiet and soothe

A disconsolate baby

So that he wouldn’t cry

The tunes became different

And the songs changed their words

From the soft and the sweet

As a baby he’d heard

He learned about music at school

The theory of rhythm and rhyme

That all written music must follow the rule

Of metre and musical time

Now older he listens to all of the songs

That are played on the radio station

And tries to find something to which he belongs

Then comes his first graduation

A young man now hears songs of romance

He looks at girls differently today

And thinks he’d like to ask them to dance

To the new kind of music that’s played

They step out on the floor

He takes her in his arms

He’s entranced by all of her charms

(They’re both so naive) but both want for more

She smiles as they float ‘cross the floor

The dance becomes love

So much more than a dance

They keep on moving in time

And what began as a dance

Ended up as romance

And the partners became so much more

Songs and lullabies, metre and rhyme

Rules for the melodies

And rules for romance

Looking for answers to life’s mysteries

Once again…, I’d die for this dance.


(Obviously the story doesn’t end here but I thought this a good place to stop)




7 thoughts on “I’d Die for This Dance

    1. Mary Rose,
      The continuance is already there… Remembrance, posted earlier.
      The cart sort of came before the horse with this one. Thanks
      for your kind remark and best to you always.

      1. I think there will be many more dances….
        .the slow beat of your words will continue,
        bringing with our thoughts as we listen to another part of the dance you paint with words

        Take Care….

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