The Price of Our Freedom

As the celebration of our natonal freedom approaches
this 4th of  July, 2012,
Please take time to remember those
who paid the ultimate price to purchase
and maintain that freedom for us all.
Our military men and women who gave their all in answer to the call to arms. 
Arlington National Cemetary – The last home of heroes


 Rows and columns

To left and to right

Cross hill and meadow

Beyond our sight

They stand at attention

For they all heard the call

The sound of the bugle

The battle and all

They came and they fell

So the world might be free

Their gift to us all

Is a proud legacy

Now they stand at attention

Through bright day and dark night

Their souls rest with God

These soldiers in white.



One thought on “The Price of Our Freedom

  1. I had just noticed the date 3 July…..38 years ago I was starting basic training at Ft Jackson South Carolina….more and more I remember those days….and what I believed in….times have changed but not my love of country and respect and honor to those who fell and I am still standing….
    A Beautiful Tribute Paul…..
    Thank you….
    Take Care…

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