Too Many Miles

Too Many Miles

I venture forth when shadows

Steal the evening’s light

Wandering darkened pathways

Through the blackened night

I passed by your window

Gazed on you asleep

Continued on my journey

Into the long night’s deep

Had I stopped

would want to stay

But too many miles

Before light of day….PJB


2 thoughts on “Too Many Miles

  1. I love your poem! It gave me shivers!
    Thanks for bringing it to the party! I hope you have fun clicking on links. They should click back to your place! I am still working through everyone’s links myself. There are some gems!

  2. I love this…
    I wrote one on traveling through the night
    my favorite time to explore is through the night skies
    when the world sleeps and we only hear night music…
    Beautiful Paul…
    Take Care…

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