Greetings to All

The Beauty of the Great River

A rose dropped into the water

drifts southward in the current

to a place of dreams and memories


A Rose and Lace

There’s always something here

Holding you to me,

Nothing I can touch or hear

Nothing I can see.

It comes from somewhere deep inside

From where tender memories start

Where feelings such as these abide

And bridge the mind and heart.

It’s like you’ve always been there,

Your love will never leave,

A scent of rose in salty air

And lace upon your sleeve.


In description, I am an anachronism, a dreamer of dreams based in reality, a skeptical optimist, impractically practical.

I love the world around me, but despise what certain groups of people are doing to it.

I am a writer, a poet, a painter who enjoys photography, a hobbyist of many facets, gardening, making jewelry, fishing,

building furniture, or anything out of wood, and anything that will make my days on this earth feel meaningful.

I love life, and living it.  Three years ago I was given the miraculous gift of a new heart to replace my own

which was failing.  Since that time I have been also given the gift of seeing life and the world around me

in a much different perspective.


Nowdays I share my musings with people I know and others who might peruse and enjoy my poorly written tomes.

As to Life – it is to be lived, to the fullest extent you can live it.

Love – knows no temporal descriptions.  It can’t be seen, smelled,  or heard.

Only when it is felt and shared can we humans experience and touch it.


For those who might have read this…, be off with you now and go do something more important.

(But y’all be sure to come back and visit later)



4 thoughts on “Greetings to All

  1. Dear Paul,
    I believe that visiting Your amazing blog was the the most important thing I did today.I find Your writing very interesting and I will be back soon.I hope that I will find more new poems.Welcome in the web world and be blessed!
    With regards,milena

  2. I am partial to roses and lace…
    and you spelled y’all right LOLs
    I am pleased to meet you Paul…Bobbie pointed the way…
    I will be around….hope to rea more from you…
    Take Care…
    You Matter…

    1. Mary Rose,
      Thanks for the gift of your time and your kind comments.
      As I get a free moment or two I plan to visit your site too.
      I know all about “y’all” from spending a lot of time in Mississippi.

      1. You are very welcome Paul…I enjoy your thoughts to words…really good….
        hmmmm Texas Y’all is different LOLs my son is stationed in Mississippi… so it sounded different to me…
        Thank you for stopping by….I appreciate it alot…
        Take Care…

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