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summer, that warm, sweet girl

who seduced us and stole our heart

with playful joy and laughter at start

is now fading, gone in a  whirl

clouds and rain now hide her sun

a chill in the air – Autumn’s begun


autumn rain beats upon the windowpane

steel gray clouds scud across the sky

puddles like tiny lakes form in the lane

summer has quietly retreated, fall chill is nigh

leaves change color, then fall and fly

the warm days gone in a sigh…








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Imagine there is a bank that credits your account each morning with $86400.00.  It carries over no balances from day to day.  Every evening it deletes whatever part of the original balance you failed to use during the day.  What would you do ? 

Why you would draw out every cent…, of course !

Each one of us has such an account.  In the account instead of money is time   Every morning the account is credited with 86,400 seconds, the number of seconds in each day.  Every night it writes off whatever of this time you failed to invest to a good purpose, the loss is yours.  It carries over no balance.  It allows no overdrafts.  There is no going back.  There is no drawing against tomorrow’s balance.  You must live in the present on today’s deposit.


The clock is running.  Invest your time wisely in order to get the most in health, happiness, and success.

To realize the value of a year: ……,  Ask a student who failed a course…,  the value of a month…, Ask a mother who gave birth to a premature baby…, The value of a week…, Ask the editor of a weekly newspaper…,  the value of an hour…, Ask lovers who are going to be separated for a long time…, the value of just one minute…, Ask the person who just missed their plane…, the value of a second…, Ask the person who just avoided an accident…, a millesecond…, Ask the Olympian who won the silver medal instead of the gold.

in-love-Valentines-day- pictures[1]

Treasure every moment you have, and treasure it more if you were blessed to share it with someone special…,

special enough to share each other’s time







Good Night Everybody !


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School has begun now and it’s just another regular, ordinary, simply beautiful day, except there’s a bit of, all too soon, an Autumn chill in the air. Days are getting shorter and there’s a definite shift in the seasons. Surely there’ll be at least a few more days of summer…, at least this is my fondest hope. But, alas, leaves are starting already to change colors, and to fall. Ducks and geese are returning to the area from up north. I can see them and hear their calls in the evening skies. Tis too sudden and I’m not prepared for it yet, I haven’t had my quotient of warmth this year.



  I know that there are those of you out there who love the changing seasons, and that is your right and privilege and I would never think to deprive you of them…, but I just love summer.






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Haven’t had much to say lately…,
and have been too busy to say it.
Nights growing too cool for me
and I wish I could delay it.
(Ah, well, might as well admit it – Summer’s gone again til next year).


Though it was cool, and rainy, and gray

What could I say,

Except, all things considered,

It was a beautiful day !



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Looking back to January, what has happened to this year?  Winter seemed to continue forever, almost into April, then came an anemic Spring that lingered like a recalcitrant, stubborn child, refusing to leave even when prompted by the calendar.  Summer has tried to make an appearance but seems to always be pushed back by wet and cool days. 


What happened to the warm, soft summer nights when you could lay on a blanket in the lawn and count the stars…, walk down the lane with your lover and steal a kiss…, catch lightning bugs in a jar and let the radiance of their glow light the night around you. 


 Autumn is upon us with its falling leaves and evening chill, and not far behind will come Winter winds, cold, and snow.  What happened to Summer?  Is she hopelessly lost, peeking around corners, appearing fleetingly one day and gone the next? 


 I miss her…..






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Her eyes upon me as I face each day’s tides

With a smile and a song she’s always by my side


A whisper in the breeze as I walk along the leaf strewn street.

A warmth that surrounds me when I know that no one’s there

A peace I that feel with all that I meet

And the mystical feel of magic in the air.


I feel surrounded by a joy i can not name

And a sense of happy that’s mine alone to claim


In each day I find a bit of love that I may keep

and I sow this seed so that there’s more that I might reap.

And when the night becomes weary, dark and deep

A sweet Southern Angel watches o’er me as I sleep…










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Pencil Sketch3

Hi All,

Takin’ some time off and going to visit brother-in-law in NJ.  He lives on the shore near Barnagat.  Have been promised some fishing (if the weather is ok) and/or some good fresh seafood.  The NY style pizza out there is always great too.  Will have some pics to share on return and, if fate is kind, maybe a story or two. 


Be safe, be well, and be sure to be good to yourselves !







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