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He’s making a list,
And checking it twice
Gonna find out Who’s naughty and nice….








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It Starts With You   1 comment




Love has no end…,

only a beginning.




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A Christmas Card for My Friends Everywhere   3 comments


two does


Merry Christmas all languages

 Christmas Eve, and  Christmas Day most of my time will be occupied by

celebrating with family. observing time-honored traditions,

exchanging gifts, and attending services on Christmas Eve.

We’ll be in Chicago this year spending the holiday with

the kids and grandkids.


I send and every one of you with the above wishes (hopefully in your

native languages) for the happiest of holiday seasons.


May you find peace in your soul, and

may you find love enough to fill the rest of your lives.


Merry Chirstmas Everyone !


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~ De la Cocina de la Casa de Pablo ~   2 comments

Tonight’s fare is a California Stir Fry.

Chicken, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, onions, peppers, mushrooms, and last, but not least, garlic.  Mix and match in whatever quantities suits your palate.  No preservatives, and the only seasoning is but a bit of soy sauce.  Cook it til you’re happy with it and serve over rice along with a nice light white wine – demi sec is nice.  Bon Appetit’


There are leftovers available.  I usually cook enough for an army…



Buenas noches mis amigos - sueños pacíficos para usted !



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~~ Memories…, Another year passes   2 comments


I was visited in the early morning hours today by an ethereal spirit…, a ghost, if you will…, tall, slender, coal black hair, sapphire blue eyes.  Not a word said…, she just looked into my eyes, smiled, and caressed my cheek, and then, as quietly as she came, she dissolved into the morning mist and fog.  It was time for her Christmas visit.  I woke to the scent of jasmine in the room…..



She was so charming, enchantingly beautiful, lovely and loving in every way.  They had so much, such a great, marvelously complete and wonderful love that was to be fulfilled with the birth of their first child.

December 10, 1962.  There was a car crash.  He was told to get to the hospital as soon as possible….

December is here again.  Another year has passed, and though it happened so,so long ago, the time fails to diminish the gnawing sense of loss he feels when that fateful anniversary day passes.  Recalling all of the happiness they shared leading up to that day only serves to amplify the sense of grief he still feels from  losing her and their baby, and all the promises of love and happiness they shared.    Her last words to him as she lay dying still ring in his ears,  “I’ll always be with you,  … always love you”.  Time passes and pain diminishes but there is always that lingering sense of loneliness (selfishly) for that person, that love, those hopes and the dreams and plans that they should have been able to share. 


in-love-Valentines-day- pictures[1]

Real love never dies.


Yes, it’s on my mind again tonight.  Guess this time of year will always keep bringing it back to me…
…there will always be that place in my heart that she alone will know. 


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A Winter’s Gift   2 comments




Come, walk with me a while

Let’s share some time.

If you favor me a smile

Maybe I’ll offer you a rhyme.

It’s quiet, peaceful here

Let’s sit and take a rest

Forget the rush, think Christmas cheer

Savor this time…., evening’s best.


Forget the chaotic scenes back there.

A moment, I’ll brush the snow from your hair.

Let’s wander farther, the spirit’s in the air,

And the happiness in knowing that you care.

Just a moment away from the Christmas crush

A moment stolen from the hurry and the rush.

Give yourself that gift.  You don’t have to wait.

Do it now….., just in case Santa’s late.




~~ Holiday Blessings ~~   1 comment




May you find warmth on a cold windy day

May snow only be as deep as the bottom of your shoes (except for you skiers/snowboarders)

May you, this season, celebrate with those you love

And may love for all you hold dear continue to grow in your hearts…, this holiday season and forevermore.

(and may troubles never find you at home).


Happy Holidays !







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